Publishing house specializing in
modern and contemporary art.

Magonza produces exhibition catalogues, non-fiction, monographs and artists’ books, managing the publication process at every stage, from the initial concept and development of the project, to the final product and its distribution. Craftsmanship and meticulous attention to graphic design and textual content are combined with creativity and constant research. In addition to publishing.

Magonza promotes and produces contemporary art exhibitions and projects in Italy and abroad, overseeing all design and operational aspects with competence, professionalism and passion.

Magonza also collaborates with artists to create unique, graphic and multiple works (among our productions are works by Jannis Kounellis, Claudio Parmiggiani, Sergio Lombardo, Paolo Icaro and Marco Gastini).



Magonza was born in 2013 under the artistic direction of Alessandro Sarteanesi



From its foundation until his death, Pietro Bellasi was the president of Magonza



Magonza is directed by Alessandro Sarteanesi