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Norman Rosenthal


The catalogue traces the course of the exhibition BREATHLESS/SENZA RESPIRO. London Art Now/Contemporary Art in London (19 October 2019–1 March 2020, Ca’ Pesaro – International Gallery of Modern Art, Venice), curated by Norman Rosenthal and Harry Woodlock, with Elisabetta Barisoni, and created with the support of the British Council.

Some of the most interesting young artists working on the London scene reveal the contradictions of contemporary life and inspire reflection on an everyday life made up of excesses and neuroses, crises, family, loss, desire and generational suffering. A selection of works (for the most part never previously exhibited) probe environmental, social, political and economic tensions, so that the ‘the exhibition can and should be interpreted as a sign: the cry of pain, a primitive scream… But above all it is a comment on the resilience of a generation of young artists who, despite everything, continue to create extraordinary, challenging and beautiful art’.

The catalogue is available in an Italian or English edition and provides an account of the exhibition through the curators’ essays, images of the works on display, and a biographical section dedicated to the artists.

Norman Rosenthal su Breathless

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